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History of Islam in America: Whither and Where – Yasir Qadhi

A comprehensive history of Islam in America. Yasir Qadhi explores the history of Islam and Muslims in the Americas from the beginning to the present day, discussing everything from the pre-Columbus era to theories about early Muslim exploration of the New World, to the Muslim Slave experience, the Nation of Islam, right through to the […]

Khutbah: Muslim Youth Matter ~ Dr. Yasir Qadhi

The youth are the future of this Ummah, they are the torch bearers of Islam who will carry the flag of ‘La ilaha ila Allah’ to the next generation. They are the shining stars of the future who have the responsibility of raising a new breed of Scholars that will serve this Ummah and humanity […]

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Being Muslim Today ~ Dr. Yasir Qadhi

As Muslims in the West who live in the 21st century, our challenges are unique from those before us, and therefore so too should our solutions. Trying to balance the delicate line between remaining faithful to our tradition even as we conform to the cultures and norms of our times in areas that are permissible […]